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 Pokemon Black and white Manga: The adventures of Kazan Magma, the Fire Trainer!(Read Only)

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PostSubject: Pokemon Black and white Manga: The adventures of Kazan Magma, the Fire Trainer!(Read Only)   Sat Dec 15, 2012 2:09 pm


Deep in Lostlorn Forest, a voice is heard.
"H-h-help Meeeee!" The voice yelled.
Out appears a red haired boy no older than 12, and his voice echoes through the forest. Behind him is what appears to be 2 angry Pokemon. one is an Unfezant, another is a Serperior.
"HEEEEEEELP!" The boy shrieked. "They're gonna get me!"
This boy was fast, but he couldn't outrun these two fast Pokemon. Suddenly, he felt himself falling over. Looking down, he sees he tripped over a rock.
"Oh no. Like my situation isn't bad enough already. Those guys are gonna get me," The boy said, trying to control his voice. "It's all over," he thought to himself.
But suddenly, out of a grotto, a Pokemon jumps in.
"TOOOOOORCHIC," The creature growled.
"Is.....that a Torchic?" the boy thought. "It must be, but whats a Hoenn Pokemon doing here, especially hiding in a grotto? And why did it jump out? To save me? Why?" These thought were racing through the boy's head faster than ever. But before he had time to process any of them the Torchic raised its head to the sun. Out of its mouth was a bright sphere appearing. "Wh-what the heck is that?" The boy whispered. Torchic rased is head to aim at Serperior and Unfezant, and then the sphere became a massive amount of fire. Torchic fired, and a huge wave of fire engulfed the two angry Pokemon. Both of them went straight up to the sky as if they were catapulted. Gaping, the boy lookd up at the sky, then at Torchic.
"WHOA! That was AMAZING!" The boy gaped at Torchic. "Thats fire types for you. Some are so little but so strong! I definitely wanna become a fire master when i grow up. You wanna be the strongest too, Torchic?" the boy said, barely able to hide his excitement.
"Tor Chic!" Torchic yelled gleefully and jumping on the boy's shoulder.
"Oh, and i guess yo need to know my name, too," The boy excitedly said.
"Alright then, my name is Kazan Magma, the soon to be Unova Champion and the future fire master!"

End Prologue
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Posts : 7
Poké Points : 237409
Reputation : 5
Join date : 2012-08-26

PostSubject: Re: Pokemon Black and white Manga: The adventures of Kazan Magma, the Fire Trainer!(Read Only)   Mon Dec 24, 2012 4:40 pm

Chapter 1
2 Years Later.......
"Dewot!! Razor Shell!"
"Combusken! Dodge and Double Kick!"
"Dewott is unable to battle. With 1 move, Kazan has defeated Chris!" The announcer called.
Standing up, Chris admitted defeat to Virbank City's Second strongest trainer. The Fire type expert, 14 year old Kazan Magma.
"You tried your best, "Kazan said as if unhappy he got a 1 hit win again. "This Dewott definitely has potential. You just gotta bring it out. I hope we can battle again sometime."
"Wow," the bystanders whispered. "That's Virbank's second most powerful for you. It seemed like he wasnt even using a fraction of his full power."
"Ok," Chris replied. "But you have GOTTA take on Roxie. I mean, you took me down in 1 move. You can definitely beat her.
"Believe me, i tried to take her on. No matter how many strategies I devise or antidotes I bring, i always end up with the same fate," Kazan replied, looking sullen. And patting Combusken, he also said, "Too much poison isn't a good thing. For Combusken."
"Busk busk busk!(Hey, whats that supposed to mean? You're immune to poison?)," Combusken said, looking furious.
"Looks like combusken doesn't want to accept defeat. All right, as soon as we catch another Pokemon, we'll take on rox-,"Kazan didn't have time to finish his sentence when a person came running towards him.
"WHOA! WHAT?!," Kazan yelled, looking alarmed.
"I-I-I-I-I found........."
"Found what?"
"A-a-a-a- a Chimchar" he whispered.
Suddenly, Kazan's alarm turned to happiness. His eyes began to sparkle, his from turned into a massive smile, and his hands slapped to his face.
"A CHIMCHAR?!?!" Kazan shrieked.

End of chapter 1
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Pokemon Black and white Manga: The adventures of Kazan Magma, the Fire Trainer!(Read Only)
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